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  • 12"-60" Galvanized Culvert Pipe Assortment (S-Scale, 5-Pack)

12"-60" Galvanized Culvert Pipe Assortment (S-Scale, 5-Pack)



Galvanized steel culvert pipes have been around for over a century and serve many purposes from storm sewers to drain pipe and even irrigation.  Found where roads or railroads cross low lying areas, streams, or other waterways, these galvanized pipes provide a pathway for water to flow while reducing erosion at these critical crossings.

Suitable for any era, these galvanized culvert pipes will look right at home on your layout.  Each S-scale pipe section is 22 scale feet long and comes in a variety of diameters, suitable for many different applications.  Hollow throughout, each pipe features realistic corrugations both inside and out.

Also available at Spring Creek Model Trains.


Scale: S (1:64)
Sizes: 1x 12" (0.19"), 1x 24" (0.38"), 1x 36" (0.56"), 1x 48" (0.75"), 1x 60" (0.94")
Length: 22' (4.125")



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