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Qwiic-Compatible 16-Channel I2C Relay Board Driver



The I2C-RELAY16-QWIIC is a Qwiic-compatible relay driver board designed to piggyback on commonly available, Chinese-made boards with 16 SPDT relays.   (We don't sell the relay boards directly, but they're available from multiple sources - various vendors on Amazon (#1, #2), SainSmart, or even direct from China on eBay.)  It's a sister product to our I2C-RELAY16, except with handy Qwiic connectors rather than our usual 5V 6p6c I2C connection. 

Included are two Qwiic-compatible I2C connectors, a female 20-pin dual row connector to attach to the relay board's header, a PCA9671 16 channel I2C I/O expander, and three address solder jumpers to select 1 of 8 possible addresses.  The Qwiic connectors make it easy to connect to a whole ecosystem of other I2C boards.  Have a Raspberry Pi and need a bunch of output relays?  This is your board!


2.22"(L) x 1.04"(W)


The complete gEDA design files are available on GitHub.


Arduino Library Reference

  • $20.00

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