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SoundBytes Cicada



The SoundBytes Cicada is a simple, fully self-contained sound module that plays a realistic scissor-grinder cicada song.  With this sound module, the more the merrier!  Place several units together or spread out around the layout.


  • Scissor-grinder cicada song sampled from actual audio
  • Every unit is unique!
  • Use several units together to create a realistic "chorus"
  • Integrated speaker & volume control
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ideal for adding ambient sound to timber or river scenes
  • Powered from 5V to 24V

Sound Samples

Scissor-grinder Cicada

Electrical Connections

The SoundBytes module needs 5-24 volts of clean direct current (DC) power to operate.  Connect the white wire to GND to activate the sound.  Leave the white wire disconnected to turn the sound off.

Red Wire = 5V to 24V
Black Wire = GND
White Wire = GND to activate (Do not exceed 3.3V on the white wire!)


1.25"(L) x 1.25"(W) x 1.25"(H)


The complete gEDA design files are available on GitHub.


  • $19.00

  • 3 or more $17.00
  • 10 or more $15.00
  • 5 in stock

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News & Application Notes

Dwarvin’s Railroad Crossing

If you’re in the market for a simple railroad crossing system, take a look at Dwarvin’s Lamplighter Flasher and Integrated Railroad Crossing.  Dwarvin’s easy-to-use, fiber-based Lamplighter – which comes with our TrainSpotter detectors and SoundBytes bell module – makes a painless way to add crossing signals to your layout.  Give it a look!


Infesting model railroads, one SoundBytes module at a time.  Or three.  Three are certainly better than one.  Get yours today before their life cycle ends.



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