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Wireless Fast Clock Secondary Display



The Wireless Fast Clock Secondary Display is a complementary product to the Wireless Fast Clock Master, allowing the current fast or real time to be displayed in multiple locations around the layout, all automatically synchronized to the master clock.  All your operators can easily keep an eye on the scale time with secondary displays strategically placed in the layout room, rather than having to constantly check in with dispatch or crane their necks around corners just to see the clock.  The secondary displays are connected wirelessly to the Wireless Fast Clock Master, requiring no additional layout infrastructure to be installed.


  • 0.8" tall bright green digits for easy visibility
  • Automatically coordinates with the Wireless Fast Clock Master
  • Wireless - no additional infrastructure required!


Overall size: 3.50" (W) x 1.75" (L) x 1.00" (H)

Digit height: 0.8"

Faceplate CAD drawing with detailed dimensions

The Fast Clock Secondary Display requires an 8-18V DC power supply.  This can be provided by an AC power adapter local to the secondary display or from the DCC track bus using a DCC Power Adapter.


The complete gEDA design files are available on GitHub.

Product Brochure

User Manual


  • $75.00

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