Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper



The Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper is a micro-size stay alive module that improves the running quality of N-scale and space-constrained DCC locomotives. With integrated protection circuitry and built using micro capacitors, the Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper provides a simple, easy, and safer alternative for small installations.


  • Improves running quality of N-scale locomotives
  • Ultra small (0.46” x 0.51” x 0.18”)
  • Integrated protection circuitry
  • Safer tantalum polymer capacitors

While standard manganese oxide tantalum capacitors have been used for years to improve the running characteristics of N-scale DCC locomotives, these capacitors can fail catastrophically (i.e. fire), especially if operated near or above their rated voltage.  Protection circuits have been developed that limit the voltage across the capacitor, but manually assembling these circuits in a small space can be cumbersome.

The Run-N-Smooth PowerKeeper addresses these problems by using tantalum polymer capacitors.  Not only do these capacitors have higher energy density (more capacitance, smaller size) than traditional tantalum capacitors, they also have a benign failure mode should a failure happen.  In addition, voltage limiting protection circuitry is included onboard to improve the long term reliability of the capacitors, all while maintaining an ultra small footprint.


0.46"(L) x 0.51"(W) x 0.2"(H)


The complete gEDA design files are available on GitHub.


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