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  The ProtoThrottle is temporarily out of stock while we work on the next production run. It is expected to be available again around November. Please check with Caboose or Spring Creek Model Trains in the meantime.

The ProtoThrottle mimics a standard EMD control stand including full detent throttle and reverser handles, a spring-loaded horn handle, a push-on/push-off bell button, and fully programmable front and rear headlights with a setting for ditch lights. In addition, the ProtoThrottle comes with a robust faceplate machined from aluminum, including prototype bezels, and anodized to give the look and feel of a real control stand.

"That’s one impressive piece of hardware."Tony Koester

"I'm having more fun with trains now than I have in years."Pete Mulvany

"Overall, this is truly a game changer for me... that’s an investment worth making."James McNab

"...the only description I can think of is WOW!!!! What a cool addition to any layout, it was so easy to use and realistic to operate you guys have hit a real home-run here."Lionel Strang

The ProtoThrottle is being developed in tandem with Scott Thornton of Designgrid LLC. Scott is responsible for the throttle’s aesthetics, faceplate mechanical production, and marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Fully wireless throttle
  • Eight detent throttle handle
  • Reverser handle with centered position
  • Brake handle
  • Spring-loaded horn handle
  • Push-on/push-off bell button
  • Front and rear headlight knobs with dim and ditch light settings
  • Auxiliary buttons that can be assigned to any DCC function
  • Works with any standard DCC decoder
  • Interfaces to any* DCC system
  • Highly configurable to suit your operating style
  • Also available with a black faceplate (limited quantities available)

*Note: Requires purchase of a separate receiver specific to your DCC system.

Due to regulatory requirements, the ProtoThrottle can only be shipped to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Orders placed with a shipping address to any other country will be cancelled and refunded.


Click here for a video Product Review by Model Railroader Magazine.

Another excellent review by Shane Mason:

Watch the ProtoThrottle in action on professional locomotive engineer Tim Garland’s Seaboard Central...

Watch the ProtoThrottle in action during an operating session on Thomas Klimoski's Georgia Northeastern Model Railroad...

Two short videos produced by Joe Atkinson explaining how the ProtoThrottle has made his layout operations more realistic...


Approximate Dimensions: 7.6"(L) x 3.2"(W) x 3.0"(H)

Powered by 2x AA batteries (not included).


The complete gEDA design files are available on GitHub.

User Manual



v1.0.0 (Rev A4A983) | Release Notes (06/29/2018)

Update Instructions
  • $482.00

Available Options

Don't forget to also order a receiver for your DCC system!

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News & Application Notes

What Are All Those Blinky Lights?

You may have noticed all those blinky lights on the ProtoThrottle and its receivers. Yes, Nathan and I are fans of LEDs on the stuff we build. There is a small coolness factor, but more importantly, for products going out into the wild, beyond our loving care (and our ability to see and touch them), these lights convey important information that helps the user – and us – debug problems when they arise. Below is a guide to what all those lights do and what they mean. To use and enjoy the ProtoThrottle, you certainly aren’t expected to know and remember all the information below. But things do sometimes go wrong, and we wanted to provide a reference guide to help in figuring out what happened. This should also help you understand why one of our first questions, when someone contacts us with a problem, usually involves us asking about those pesky little blinking LEDs…


How Do I Choose a ProtoThrottle Braking Mode?

There are two main braking modes in the ProtoThrottle. The default mode is a basic on/off (VAR BRK = OFF) brake. When you move the brake handle right, past the brake threshold (approximately mid-way), the assigned brake function is activated in the locomotive decoder. When you cross that threshold moving the brake handle left, the assigned function is deactivated. Simple and straightforward. This is equivalent to what you get with a standard function button on a traditional throttle.


2018 STL RPM Meet

We will be attending the St. Louis RPM Meet this Friday and Saturday (July 20-21, 2018).  Please stop by and say hello.  New for this year…  the ProtoThrottle!  No more waiting as it will finally be available for regular sales.  Following the RPM, we will make it available on our website, along with our two exclusive dealers: Caboose in Denver, CO, and Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, NE.

If you’re in the St. Louis area this weekend, stop by and see all the wonderful models and soak in the knowledge at this year’s meet.  Hope to see you there!

ProtoThrottle Milestone

Today, we just finished shipping all the ProtoThrottle pre-orders.  Thank you to all who ordered and we look forward to seeing where this goes in the future.  For those who missed pre-orders, we will be at the St. Louis RPM Meet this coming week, with throttles for sale, and then they will be available on the website shortly thereafter.

Also, Caboose Hobbies in Denver, CO, and Spring Creek Model Trains in Deshler, NE, will be carrying the throttle.  Be sure to stop by, or say hello when you see them at a show.


How do I Recalibrate the Horn and Brake Handles?

The handles on the ProtoThrottle come pre-calibrated and should not require any additional adjustments.  However, there may be times when you want to adjust the point at which the horn or on/off brake activates.  The threshold menu is for doing just that.  It allows you to calibrate the horn and brake levers to suit your preferences, or to adjust for mechanical tolerances when assembling the throttles, as no two will be exactly alike.

As the manual notes, normally you will not need to do this.  But, the option is available if somebody wants to customize the throttle, or in the rare case needs to disassemble the throttle or adjust for drift over time.

Here’s the basic process for calibrating the throttle…


ProtoThrottle Update (June 17, 2018)

The final face plates, with lettering engraved, arrived Friday and all the assembled ProtoThrottle circuit boards came in last week.  Nathan and I also spent a fun weekend building all the receiver boards we need (and more).  With that, everything is in place to begin final assembly of the throttles, testing, packaging, and yes, eventually, shipping!


ProtoThrottle Update (May 26, 2018)

Just wanted to give a quick update on the ProtoThrottle…  The face plates have been machined and anodized.  They are currently awaiting one last machining step to engrave the lettering.  The assembled circuit boards have also started to arrive and all the other pieces to make the throttles are ordered and (mostly) in hand.  We’re still aiming to start shipping around the end of June in the order that pre-orders were received.


ProtoThrottle Pre-Orders Closing Soon!

After Monday, April 30, ProtoThrottle pre-orders – at the discounted price – will no longer be accepted while the initial manufacturing run is in progress. The throttle will again be available for purchase starting approximately late July. We have extended the pre-order deadline until April 30 to accommodate ProRail participants who will have a demo throttle available for review.

If you are considering purchasing a ProtoThrottle, don’t delay. The ProtoThrottle is the most realistic wireless diesel controller on the market. And from what our beta testers and reviewers are saying, the throttle truly does put you “in the cab”.

“That’s one impressive piece of hardware.” – Tony Koester

“I just can’t say enough good things about the work that ISE has done on this throttle. It’s been a huge game-changer for me.” – Joe Atkinson

“I highly recommend the ProtoThrottle to anyone who wants to experience what it’s like to be a real locomotive engineer.” – Tim Garland, NS engineer

“I can’t put this thing down. I have too much fun playing with it. It’s a really cool product.” – Shane Mason

Click here to place an order.


We are now taking advance registrations for the ProtoThrottle – the most realistic way to operate a model diesel locomotive.


The website contains a form that you can fill out to register which includes a discount on our first pre-orders. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. 

You can also download the ProtoThrottle manual in addition to a bonus publication by professional railroad engineer, Tim Garland. Tim has provided an extensive outline on how to operate the ProtoThrottle just like the professionals. 

Also, coming in late January or early February, Tim will be back with his good friend, Tom Klimoski, to show you how the ProtoThrottle operates on Tim’s Seaboard Central model railroad. Visit the ProtoThrottle site around that time to view the video.

How do I Configure Headlights for the ProtoThrottle?

A common question about the ProtoThrottle is how to configure the headlights on a locomotive to work best with the throttle.  The ProtoThrottle has two prototypical headlight switches, one for the front, the other for the rear.



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