• Battery-Powered Display Cabinet LED Driver

Battery-Powered Display Cabinet LED Driver



The CKT-LEDPANEL is designed to drive a 2x2ft. LED panel from a 20V lithium ion tool battery or 18-24V external power source.  It's intended for use in creating a backlit display cabinet for glass collectables, such as bottles or insulators.


  • 15-21V lithium ion battery input, designed for Dewalt and similar tool batteries. 
  • Battery undervoltage lockout at 15.25V to protect the battery pack against excessive discharge.  Shutdown current is 50uA.
  • 18-24V auxiliary power input for powering off of a wall adapter or similar instead of a battery.
  • Constant current 300mA output at 30-42V, intended to drive a 2x2ft edge lit LED panel
  • Overvoltage protection on the output.
  • 2A mini fuse to protect against shorts
  • Connector for panel on/off switch, minimizing the amount of connections that need to be made


  • CKT-LEDPANEL control board
  • 3x 2-position terminal connectors
  • 1x 4-position terminal connector
  • 3D printed CKT-LEDPANEL bracket and 4x #2 mounting screws for the PCB
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