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Setting up Auxiliary Lighting Functions on the ProtoThrottle

In this video, we explore how to set up the ProtoThrottle to control various auxiliary lighting functions on a locomotive. It’s based on a SD40-2 (thank you ScaleTrains!) with lighted number boards, class lights, and a rotary beacon, but the techniques apply equally well to any DCC equipped locomotive. Keep an eye out for a special treat with the class lights…


Fast Clocks and the ProtoThrottle

Have you noticed the –:– display on the main screen of the ProtoThrottle and were wondering what that was? Or, are you one of the lucky ones, and actually see a time displayed on the second line? Those characters on the display are for displaying a fast time from one of several fast clock sources. The ProtoThrottle simply acts as a repeater display for the time, from whatever source.


ProtoThrottle Firmware Update (v1.1)

Firmware v1.1 for the ProtoThrottle has been officially released:

Full release notes can be found at the link above, but here are the highlights:

  • Manual power down with a long press of the SELECT button
  • AUX button indicator on the main display
  • Menu lock to limit menu options for operators
  • User interface enhancements (hide options that don’t apply)
  • Programmable battery thresholds
  • DIAGS screen to see active (and inactive) DCC functions

The next production run of throttles (available soon!) will ship with this new firmware installed.


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