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ProtoThrottle Handle Upgrade Kit

They’re here!  Premium handle upgrades for your ProtoThrottle!

One long brass handle, two short brass handles, and a red plastic handle for the brake.  $45 for the kit. Available at Trainfest this weekend.  Special discount when purchased with a throttle at the show!  Come see us at the Spring Creek Model Trains booth.


Grain Bin Decals Now Available!

Decals are now available for the Grain Belt Models line of grain bins.  These decals are available in both N-scale and HO-scale versions and represent some of the leading manufacturers of prototype grain bins.


Thank you to GSI, Sioux Steel Company, and Brock Grain Systems for allowing us to provide these decals to you.

Configuring an Athearn GP40-2/Tsunami2 for the ProtoThrottle

This post will take you through the steps to configure an Athearn Genesis GP40-2 with Tsunami2 decoder for use with the ProtoThrottle.  Special features of this GP40-2 locomotive include flashing warning strobes on the cab roof which we can control using the ProtoThrottle.  DecoderPro was used in the example below, but individual CVs can also be set manually – refer to the Tsunami2 Diesel Technical Reference (available from for details.  A CSV file containing all the CV settings for this locomotive is available below.


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