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Dead Rail Interface for the ProtoThrottle

We’ve been asked a few times if there would ever be a dead rail interface for the ProtoThrottle.  While this is not something we would likely embark on ourselves (Nathan and I are both N-scale modelers), the open source nature of the design has allowed others to do so.  Over the last few months, Martin Sant has been busy building a dead rail interface for the ProtoThrottle to run his G-scale trains.  Check out the progress on Martin’s blog.

ProtoThrottle in Action: Garden Ridge, TX

Spring Creek Model Trains will be at the San Antonio Model Railroad Association Show in Garden Ridge, TX, this coming weekend, February 23-24, 2019. Stop by their booth for a chance to try out the ProtoThrottle, Realistic Control Stand Throttle!

Spring Creek will be on the road throughout the year, providing you an opportunity to try the ProtoThrottle for yourself. For the latest show schedule, please check the Spring Creek Model Trains calendar.

Decoding the ProtoThrottle Notch Settings

One of the key distinguishing characteristics of the ProtoThrottle Realistic Control Stand Throttle is its throttle handle with eight notches plus idle.  With those characteristics detents, you can operate your locomotives like the prototype and have the prime mover sounds respond accordingly.  Setting this up on the ProtoThrottle is simple and takes just a few minutes, with the help of the ProtoThrottle, to find where your particular DCC decoder transitions between notches.  Those transitions can then be used to pick the optimal speed steps to assign to each notch.


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