Tsunami2 True Idle

The Tsunami2 True Idle feature can improve the operating realism of your locomotives when used with the ProtoThrottle.  Take a look at this video below from SoundTraxx for more information.

Tsunami2 (V1.2) True Idle lets you run your Model Trains YOUR WAY!

With all of the hype around the new Proto Throttle we have had a lot of questions about our True Idle feature. In this video, our product expert explains the feature, shows examples of how it works, and explains how real locomotives operate in these scenarios.To accurately simulate how a real locomotive runs, original Tsunami2 decoders did not change the prime mover notch when going from speed step 0 to speed step 1. We found that it is a common customer perception that the prime mover should notch up when this happens. So in Tsunami2 software version 1.2 we added this in for you!CVs used in this video:CV 112: Enable the E-Stop Idle, Alarm Bell, HEP Generator and True-Idle Modes.

Posted by SoundTraxx on Friday, April 5, 2019

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