The Motorman – Automatic Reversing Train Shuttle Controller

New from Iowa Scaled Engineering, the Motorman is an automatic reversing train shuttle controller for both DC and DCC locomotives. Using TrainSpotter infrared proximity detectors at each end, the Motorman will continuously drive the train back and forth, automatically stopping and reversing at the end of track. With control of the speed, locomotive address, delay time, and many other settings, a fully customized experience can be created.

Ideal for train show demo layouts, museum displays, and home layout automation, the Motorman provides an easy, intuitive way to automate the movement of locomotives and trolleys.  It comes complete with the control unit containing the display and interactive buttons, a faceplate for mounting the unit to the fascia, a 12V/3A power supply, and two TrainSpotter detectors with 8′ cables.  Also available is a track power switch, with an expanded faceplate, to permit use with existing DC or DCC control systems.  As with all of our model railroad electronics, the Motorman is open source.

Order yours today for $99, only from Iowa Scaled Engineering!


  1. Hello
    The Motorman looks like a very useful product and ‘m giving some thought to purchasing one. I’m wondering if it could handle intermediate stops, say at a station, water tank or other. The video I watched only showed inputs for two detectors.

    1. Yes, the Motorman can handle intermediate stops. In the production models, there are an extra set of input terminals for additional sensors.

  2. I am curious if the Motorman would function in conjunction with an auto reverse loop. My layout currently has a single main out and back with an NCE AR-10 auto reverse loop on one end which returns the train to the start/finish on same main line.

  3. I am comparing the motorman to the Azatrax PFRR-3W that can also control a twin-coil turnout to have two trains alternate on the back-n-forth section of track. Can the Motorman sequence train 1 backnforth, then activate the turnout then have train 2 backnforth and repeat?

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