Pausing Time: Using Fast Clock Hold Mode

Have you ever been in the middle of an operating session and disaster strikes?  A train derails, shorting out the DCC system, taking with it a power district, or even the entire layout. The problem is eventually fixed, but in the 5 minutes it took to restore things to the way they were, your fast clock kept ticking away. With a 3:1 ratio, all trains are now  suddenly 15 minutes late.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply press a button on the fast clock to pause time, then with a single press, restart the time right where it left off?

Hold Mode to the Rescue

With the Iowa Scaled Engineering Networked Fast Clocks, you can do just that. These clocks feature a Hold mode that lets you stop and restart time with a simple press of a button. Whenever fast time is running, one of the soft keys on the master display lets you quickly toggle between RUN and HOLD mode.

Fast Clock Master in Hold Mode

Since the secondary displays are automatically synced to the master clock, they all stop, too. In fact, each one displays the message “hold”, alerting crew members that something went awry and the session is being paused.

Secondary Display in Hold Mode

If you are in the market for a fast clock system, or are looking to upgrade your current system, take a look at the Iowa Scaled Engineering networked fast clocks.

Wireless Networked Fast Clocks

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