Welcome Model Railroader Readers!

This month, Iowa Scaled reached a new milestone – we have our first ad in a major publication!  We’ve decided to start advertising our MRServo products and wireless fast clocks in the most read model railroad publication – Model Railroader magazine.  So, to welcome our new customers, we want to help you out with little […]

Compost Monitor

One of the original applications I had in mind for MRBus was monitoring a compost pile I build each spring using manure from our horses. In early summer, pumpkins are transplanted into the pile and do remarkably well. In fact, I discovered this by accident one year – some pumpkins one fall were added to […]

Temperature Calibration for the MRBW-RTS

Single-point calibration of the RTS node is easy to perform. One method is presented here using the water ice-point and works with both waterproof and non-waterproof temperature sensors. The RTS firmware provides both offset and gain calibration coefficients. For most purposes, a single point offset calibration is probably sufficient. To accurately perform both gain and […]