Merry Christmas!

Michael and I will both be traveling to spend the holidays with our families, so shipping may be slightly delayed.   We wish all of you a merry Christmas with your families as well!


  1. Do you make anymore controllers like you gave to Des Moines trak? I like the round knob and a I use DC. Larry Rinehart

    1. Larry – the DMNT controller was essentially an extra prototype. We built one for our display and one for them. I think we might have built a third one for Brion as well. It’s a complete enough unit that we can’t get away with calling it a “subassembly” or “module”, and therefore we’d need to run it though FCC testing in order to make it a real product. For the few of them we’d anticipate selling, that would make them prohibitively expensive. We might have another one – I’ll drop you an email.

      I will point out for others that the design is open – anybody is welcome to build one.
      The handhelds:
      The base unit (2 channel):

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