Is it Available?

While we try to keep the online stock status for products up-to-date, sometimes we sell out of assembled and tested product.  But have no fear, in the vast majority of cases, we can still make and ship your order within a few days.


Each product page lists the product’s availability.  Normally, this is the quantity of assembled and tested product we have on hand.  However, occasionally we do sell out of an item.  When that happens, you will see an approximate time frame in which the product will (or can be) available for shipping.

In order to conserve capital and focus on new product development, instead of keeping large amounts of inventory, we will only manufacture a limited amount of product at a time.  For products that sell consistently, this may be larger than others.  For other products, it may only be a few units at a time.

Can I Still Order?

Regardless of the stock status, you can always order.  If we don’t have any on hand, we will make it.  Our unique manufacturing process enables this “just-in-time” process.  Sometimes it may take a few days (or in rare cases, a couple weeks), but rest assured that we will work to get you the stuff you need.  As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. I have your CKT-IRSENSE. Will these or any of your other detectors be able to connect to a Digitrax DB64 or SE8C

    1. The CKT-IRSENSE has an open-drain output and should be compatible with the Digitrax DS64 or SE8C modules. A pull-up resistor may be required.

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