Engineer’s Notebook #2

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Squealer Update

The firmware for the squealer is reaching its final state, with some recent changes based on feedback from the beta testers. A big thank you again to those who have been testing it for us in real layout environments.

As promised, we have finalized the pricing details for the Squealer. The basic kit, consisting of the control board, the Scale Sound Systems designed speaker, and our new motion detector, will be priced at $79. A 3-pack is also planned and will be priced at $199.

For more details on the installation of the Squealer and its capabilities, take a look at the instruction sheet here.

New ProtoThrottle Receiver

As many of you know, we have been working on a replacement WiFi receiver for the ProtoThrottle. Well, it’s here! After months of testing, redesign, and more testing, we have a better, easier to use, and more reliable replacement for the old ESU-BRIDGE receiver. This one covers all of the WiFi protocols including:

  • JMRI WiThrottle
  • Digitrax LNWI
  • ESU CabControl
  • MRC Prodigy WiFi
  • DCC-EX


I use NCE or Lenz. Does this affect me?
No. The original MRBW-CABBUS receiver for NCE and Lenz systems is still in production and is the recommended receiver to use for those systems. It has proven its reliability over the years and we have no plans at the moment to change it.

Do I need to upgrade my old ESU-BRIDGE receiver?
No. If the original ESU-BRIDGE receiver is working for you, then we recommend that you keep using it. In fact, upgraded firmware for it may be coming in the future based on some of the knowledge gained in building the new receiver.

Can I trade in my old ESU-BRIDGE receiver if I do decide to upgrade?
Yes! We will be offering a trade-in credit upon receipt of the original receiver in working condition. Details are still being worked out, but please contact us if you’re interested.

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