Author: Nathan Holmes

Simple SoundBytes Switching

We’ve gotten the question a number of times about how to turn the SoundBytes modules on and off with a switch.  It’s actually really easy, but since the question gets asked, I figured I’d do a very quick write-up on it. First of all, the module requires a clean DC power supply of between 5 […]

Your Old Power Pack Isn’t a DC Supply

Please don’t power electronics from your old “DC” power pack.  It’s a rare day when I see a layout that doesn’t have a cheap train set power pack powering some accessory somewhere in a corner.  It makes me shudder every time I see it, because if it’s powering any electronics, that’s just asking for trouble.  […]

Our Experiences With Caboose

Update (19 Jan 2021):  Caboose has made good on their debts as of today.  Checks arrived to both me personally and to ISE this afternoon, and they have been deposited.  We want to thank Kevin and Caboose for repaying these long-outstanding debts.  We consider the issue resolved and wish Kevin and Caboose success in future […]

A New Product Sneak Peek

Most of us consider ourselves serious model railroaders – very much into prototype modeling, or at least prototype-based freelance modeling.  Michael and Scott are more in the former category, I’m more in the second.  But sometimes you just want to see a train run while you’re working. A bit over four years ago, Michael put […]

WiFi Railroad Signal Controller

One of my summer projects for 2020, while spending all day, every day at home, was to finally get my railroad signal restored and up in my back yard.  It’s a hodge-podge that’s the end result of 18 months of collecting the necessary parts.  The head is a Union Switch & Signal H-2 style searchlight […]

A Qwiic Update

This week I’d like to introduce you to two new Qwiic-compatible I2C products in our lineup:  a new Qwiic-compatible, 2 channel analog to digital converter, and a re-spin of our popular I2C-RELAY16 into a Qwiic-compatible 3.3V version.  To explore how each of these can be used through a simple example, I’ll walk through an example […]

We’re at Springfield!

If you’re at the Amherst Railway Society’s show in Springfield, MA, this weekend, be sure to stop by and see us at the Spring Creek Model Trains booth. We’re happy to partner with Scale Trains on their amazing new Dash 9-44CW models to bring you the most realistic control experience on one of the most […]