Author: Michael Petersen

Engineer’s Notebook #2

Visit to subscribe and be the first to get these updates by email. Squealer Update The firmware for the squealer is reaching its final state, with some recent changes based on feedback from the beta testers. A big thank you again to those who have been testing it for us in real layout environments.

Engineer’s Notebook #1

Welcome This is the inaugural issue of the Engineer’s Notebook from Iowa Scaled Engineering. We hope to make this a semi-regular thing, not only talking about our products and what we’re working on, but also including some other features in the future that we believe will be relevant and interesting. Let us know your thoughts, […]

The Squealer!

Announcing a new product that will enhance trackside sound – the Squealer! The Squealer is a true motion-detected system that brings professionally recorded and edited flange squeal to our layouts. The system uses a micro motion detector that fades the sound up or down based on the movement of the train, and plays through a […]

ProtoThrottle Giveaway

When we started this adventure with the ProtoThrottle over 5 years ago, little did we know that we’d sell 10 throttles, let alone 100. But thanks to an enthusiastic ProtoThrottle user base, and a growing community engaged by the most realistic train control on the market, we just crossed the 1000th throttle mark! To celebrate, […]

Taking a Core Sample

I needed a way to drill a 3/8″ to 1/2″ diameter hole in 2″ thick rigid foam. Traditional drill bits wander too much and leave a terribly ragged hole. So do spade bits. A hole saw works great, but the smallest I could find was 3/4″. So… I tried a Grain Belt Models 36″ HO-scale […]