Adventures in Lighting: Part 2

Addressing some of the problems of the design in Part 1, a new lighting system for the pantry has been installed.

The previous lighting system, while it worked well, had a couple problems that I wanted to address.  First, it did not turn off automatically, meaning the light could be left on indefinitely.  Also, if power was ever lost, the light would power back up in the on state.  To address these problems, the touch toggle was replaced with an IR sensor, mounted on the door stop.


When the door is closed, the CKT-IRSENSE detects the door and releases the output line.  When the door is open, the output line is pulled low, activating the relay that provides power to the LED light strip.

Now, the light operates automatically and powers up in the correct state.   Additionally, no manual action is required to turn on the light, other than to open the door.

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