Month: April 2014

MRServo In Action

We always like to see what sort of tips, tricks, and clever uses our customers have come up with for our products.   I thought I’d take a minute to pass along a couple recent uses for MRServo that customers have shared with us. Using lightweight extruded foam as a layout base has become pretty popular […]

Reflow Soldering

Most Iowa Scaled Engineering products are designed using surface mount components to keep costs low (smaller boards) and allow the use of a wider range of components.  One of the primary tools in the assembly process is an oven to reflow the solder paste that attaches the components to the PCB.  Originally, we developed our […]

Compost Monitor: 2014 Results

This is an update to this year’s compost monitor post showing the full temperature cycle of the pile.  At first, the temperature was cold and flat.  As shown in the original post, it was then saturated with water and the bacterial action took off.  The temperature eventually peaked around 140F and then fell off again.