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ARD-LTC1863: 8-Channel 12/16-Bit 200ksps ADC Arduino Shield
The ARD-LTC1863 Arduino shield contains a Linear Technology LTC1863 12-Bit (or an optional LTC186..
ARD-LTC2499: 16-Channel 24-Bit ADC Data Acquisition Arduino Shield
The ARD-LTC2499 Arduino shield contains a Linear Technology LTC2499 24-bit ADC coupled with an LT..
ARD-LTC2990: 4-Channel Voltage, Current, and Temperature Arduino Shield
The ARD-LTC2990 Arduino shield contains two Linear Technology LTC2990 Voltage, Current, and Tempe..
CKT-LT3495: 4-Terminal Step-Up Switching Regulator with Shutdown
CKT-LT3973: 3-Terminal Step-Down Switching Regulator
The CKT-LT3973 is a buck regulator module, based on the LT3973, offering ultra-low quiescent curr..
CKT-LTC1877: 3-Terminal Step-Down Switching Regulator
CKT-LTC2990: Breakout Board for LTC2990
The LTC2990 is a Quad I2C Voltage, Current and Temperature Monitor from Linear Technology. It is ..
CKT-LTC2997: Breakout Board for LTC2997
The LTC2997 is a Remote/Internal Temperature Sensor from Linear Technology. It is only available ..
CKT-LTC3528: 3-Terminal Step-Up Switching Regulator
The CKT-LTC3528 is a step-up (boost) regulator module, based on the LTC3528, offering low quiesce..
CPS150 Pressure Sensor Breakout Board
The CPS150 from Consensic is a digital absolute pressure and temperature sensor with an I2C or SP..
I2C-RELAY16: 16-Channel Relay Board Driver
The I2C-RELAY16 is an I2C daughterboard providing 16 output channels, designed to piggyback on co..
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I2C-XIO: I2C 40-Channel Digital I/O Expander
The I2C-XIO is a 40-channel digital I/O expander with an I2C interface, based on the NXP PCA9698...
MRB-ARD: MRBus Shield for Arduino
The MRB-ARD Shield provides an easy way to add an MRBus connection to an Arduino-based project.&n..
MRB-IAS: MRBus to I2C Module
The MRB-IAS is designed for those scenarios where you need to connect I2C peripherals (such as se..
MRBW-TH-EXT: TMP275 Breakout Board
The MRBW-TH-EXT contains a single TMP275 temperature sensor with RJ11 connectors for power and th..
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