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Welcome to the Iowa Scaled Engineering store.  We design and manufacture a variety of useful electronic widgets with a focus on MRBus applications. Products range from model railroad control to environmental monitoring and home automation.

The Iowa Scaled Engineering Store

Latest ISE News and Blog Posts

High Current DCC Accessory Decoder

One of our customers was trying to build an accessory decoder using our I2C-RELAY16 to drive a bank of relays for high current loads, and they were having a bit of trouble.  So, I thought I’d sit down and work through the issues tonight, as I’ve always thought having an accessory decoder with isolated, high […]

April Shutdown

Our day jobs are taking us away (some farther than others…) the week of April 24-28.  We are still available for technical support, but expect some delays.  Shipment of orders will resume May 1.

Controlling Relays with a Raspberry Pi

Ever wanted to control some real world hardware with your Raspberry Pi?  Every now and then, we get questions about using either our I2C-RELAY16 or I2C-XIO boards from the Pi, and it’s been on my eternal backlog list of “I should do a quick article on that…”   So let’s break this logjam and get down […]

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