Wireless DC Throttles: It’s a Project, not a Product!

Not everything we develop for Iowa Scaled is destined to be a product.  As part of our demo layout that we take to shows to demonstrate our “Interlocking In A Box” product, we needed a set of throttles – one to control each main line.  There was no particular need for DCC as the two track segments were isolated, and the simplicity of good old DC control would be more reliable anyway.  Wireless would be even better, as then there would be no cords to drag across our display or get yanked and damaged.  However, the only option on the market at the time was the Crest Electronics throttles and used Aristocrafts, which all commanded a hefty price.  As of writing this in September 2017, I’m not aware of anybody manufacturing new wireless DC throttles.

So, we’re electronics guys, why not build our own?  Over the course of a weekend in the spring of 2014, I threw together a prototype, and over the few months before the 2014 St. Louis Railway Prototype Modelers meet, Michael and I turned that prototype into a reasonably polished design.  Since then, we’ve had a number of folks ask where they could get a set of their own, or how to build them, so I thought I’d write a blog post on how they work and how to build your own from our design.

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