Updating Firmware

Many Iowa Scaled Engineering products contain firmware loaded into the onboard microcontroller.  While every effort is made to provide the latest and greatest firmware when the product is shipped, bugs are discovered (and fixed) and new enhancements are added periodically.  Fortunately, updating the firmware yourself is an easy process.  The instructions below assume a Windows operating system, but the same basic process applies to other operating systems.

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An Introduction to MRBus

Many of Iowa Scaled Engineering’s products interface with something called MRBus. I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time, but turns out it’s a rather complex narrative to tell.

So let’s get right down to it:  What the heck is an MRBus, and why would somebody want to use it?  In this rather long blog post, I’ll introduce you to our microcontroller data network and walk through a simple example of how it can be used.  In future installments of this series, we’ll step into more advanced use cases.

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MRServo Slow Motion Turnout Control

Ever wanted to automate the turnouts on your layout?  Maybe you have some that are hard to reach?  Or maybe you have a hidden staging yard?  Do you model a modern CTC-controlled subdivision and want to give your dispatcher realistic control over the turnouts?  Or maybe you have a multi-deck layout and other switch machines are too bulky to sit below the upper decks?  No matter what the situation, MRServo is a cost-effective solution!

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