Iowa Scaled Engineering designs, manufactures, and sells many unique and cost effective products intended for model railroad and electronic hobbyists. Explore below for application notes to inspire your designs or browse the store to see all the products we have to offer.

Solar Car Teams

As alumni of the Iowa State University Solar Car Team, Team PrISUm, we recognized that many of Iowa Scaled Engineering’s products could be used by teams competing in solar racing competitions.  In fact, MRBus had its origins in the Sunrayce ’99 car, PrISUm Phoenix.

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Automatic Interchange

Iowa Scaled Engineering products were recently mentioned  in one of the Model Railroader Video Plus episodes, featuring Tony Koester’s Nickel Plate Road.

In this video (subscribers only) you’ll see our CKT-IRSENSE and ACC-RELAY1 products used in an automatic interchange.  Each time a cut of cars is picked up, a new cut of cars is automatically pushed forward.  For those wanting more details, Tony has written an article about automated interchanges that we understand should appear in an upcoming issue of Model Railroader.

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Iowa Scaled Engineering is Going to GitHub!

In order to make our open source hardware and software even easier for everyone to get and modify, we’re moving our projects off our old SVN repositories and over to GitHub, the collaborative open source git repository.   Where previously many of these projects have lived in a single repository, we’re breaking them apart so that they make more sense to everyone.  Using the power of GitHub, you’ll be able to clone our projects, modify them, and even contribute patches back!

Be sure to keep an eye on the ISE GitHub page regularly for updates.

Happy Thanksgiving with 15% Off

For our customers in the US, hopefully you all had a good holiday with friends and family today.  Now that we’ve all returned home, stuffed with turkey and dressing, it’s time for the other annual tradition – Black Friday!  Stock up on the ISE products you need with 15% off everything, good through Sunday.

When you’re ready to check out, just click “View Cart” off the shopping cart pulldown, select “Use Coupon Code” on the next page, and enter “BF15″ for the code.  (If you go straight to checkout, there’s no box to enter the code.  You have to go through “View Cart”.)

Simulate a Spring Switch

Spring switches are used by some prototype railroads to save the crew from having to re-align the switch points after passing through the switch.  The switch is sprung in one direction (typically the mainline), allowing any train to pass through the switch from the frog end without manually aligning the points.  When entering the mainline from a siding, this allows the train to continue on its way without having to realign the points to the main – the spring action takes care of this automatically.  Modeling this unique feature can be easily accomplished with an IR sensor and switch machine. Continue reading